Someone is getting sloppy

So it’s been forever since I’ve posted. I was so busy wrapping up teaching, moving out, and meeting my parents that I hadn’t taken much time to update anything.


Teaching ended and it was sad. I’ll miss a lot of those kids, even some of the trouble makers. The teachers at the high school made me a cake and stuff, it was sweet. They also took myself and the other teaching assistant out to dinner. The dinner was great and it was a wonderful wrap up for the year. We stayed for over 3 hours and were just laughing and talking the entire time. The middle school ended more quietly but it was still sweet.


Went out with my group of friends for our last time. THAT was so bitter sweet and sad. I will miss them, they have become really good friends. I’m excited to see where we all go and what happens in our lives. We may or may not have written on the wall at one of our favorite places (a bar) in Caen… ok we did, but it’s okay cause it’s a place that they allow people to write on the wall 🙂


I moved out and stayed the night at one of the highschool teacher’s houses. Her and her husband proposed to have me come back next year to Au Pair. Of course there will be hoops to jump through and all but I am very very excited about the prospect.


I met my parents in Paris and the trip began! We spent a week touring Paris, me as their guide. We had a really good stay and got to do just about everything on their list. Next we went up to Arromanche which started off our tours of the D Day beaches and everything relating to the Invasion. Arromanche is a very cute and charming small city and was a great launching pad for everything. We did the beaches, Point Du Hoc, the cemetery, multiple museums and an afternoon in Bayeaux. From there we went to Mont Saint Michel! Sadly, France was France and the abbey workers were on Strike 😦 But seeing the village and walking on the flats was still good.


Yesterday we arrived in Guernsey and that’s where we still are. It would be nice if the weather would make up its mind and the wind would settle but oh well. It’s still been great.


Well, I know that was quick and dirty but that is the update! There are tons of pictures but one step at a time 🙂


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