Stockholm part 1

OH MY GOSH. Go to Stockholm. When you need a break from Western Europe, when you know that as pretty as each Cathedral is they will all be fairly similar (fairly), and when you miss the water and I mean water, not just a nice river, GO TO STOCKHOLM. I’m loving it here. I got in late last night, walked a ton in the evening, just seeing the sights by night. Already I loved it.


Woke up this morning and accidentally just had a marathon day, it’s only early evening now but I had to take a break back in the hostel. One, I love walkable cities! Yes there are metro like lines and buses, but I love, love walking a new city and Stockholm begs you to walk it. It’s just so gorgeous. My morning: Buy Stockholm Card (3 days, over 80+ entries and transit use), guided tour of City Center, outside of oldest church, walk around Gamla Stan, Cathedral tour, Palace tour, watch changing of the guard, national Treasury (crown jewels), outside walk of Parliament, walk along waterside, Wasa museum, Nordic Museum, walk in national park to Rosendal Palace, walk big shopping center, and finally needed a break! If you’re tired just reading it, I am exhausted.

It’s been such a good day, freezing cold, but such a good day. I have a video that I’m too lazy to post and already tons of pictures. It decided to not rain and I’m hoping that my luck holds out. More to do this evening and still two full days left.


Loving it!


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