Paris New Years

Hi all,


I have two videos that I’d like to upload, but since it is saying that just one of those is going to take over 2 hours to upload, I’ll have to wait on that (ain’t nobody got time for that). Anyway, as I was about to check out of my hostel today I decided to check once more if hey had had any cancellations and had an open bed… THEY DID! I’m going to have a Parisian New Years! Luckily I hadn’t bought my return train ticket yet so I can still get that anytime tomorrow.

So far Paris has been very nice, put a lot more miles on these legs but it’s been good. The first day was absolutely lovely weather, blue skies and sunny. The nice thing about having been to Paris a few times was that I didn’t feel the need to rush around like a crazy person. I took it slow, saw a few of the sights, but just those that were on whatever road I decided to walk next. Did a lot of reading in outdoor cafés under heat lamps.

I think the oddest thing about living abroad is just how much living is going on back home and how quickly things seem to be changing there without my witnessing them. I’m not saying there’s now a giant crater in the middle of Seattle (although there is “The Object” now), it’s more hearing about people’s lives and seeing how much progression is going on. That’s what makes me homesick. Not that I’m not still happy and thrilled to be having this opportunity, don’t mistake that!


Anyway, this update isn’t super complete or anything, just wanted to post something because otherwise my mom will be going nuts wondering what’s up and where I am. I’m off to grab a quick bite to eat and fight the crowds of tourists who use my Metro stop.


Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve and if you see the fireworks from the Eiffel Tower say hi 😉


One thought on “Paris New Years

  1. Hooray, I am so glad that you get to spend New Year’s Eve in Paris!! I will be watching for you at the Eiffel Tower fireworks. Much love and blessings on 2014, Mom 🙂

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