Christmas Plans & Carols!

Ok, I was going to do a post about this yesterday but kinda, well, forgot. Anyway! We (Lorrey, Mark, and I) went to the Herouville (our town) Christmas Market. It was a lovely example of taking a flea market and putting up wreaths. After our 15 minutes there, in which time we did two long, slow laps around the market, we were done. Lorrey, however, had not yet been to the Caen market so I suggested we go.

We got there, I got my hot chocolate, and we walked around. Neither of them cared for my idea that we all get a picture with Father Christmas, party poopers! I had a lovely chat with the ladies running the Quebec booth (there is always a Canadian booth) and another lady who just stopped over to chat with us. It was SO fun. I love small chatting in French with strangers, it really does make my day.

Anyway, we were shortly joined by our friend Daniel and we spend the afternoon wandering the town, drinking some coffee and waiting until 5pm. Why 5pm you ask? That was when we were told to get to the church for an English Christmas Carol service! So, shortly before 5pm, we picked up some “hot wine” and sauntered over. It was a good service, even though I only recognized three songs. They had a choir from Paris who would do a song, then we’d have a reading, then we’d all do a song, and repeat. It was very, VERY traditional, and at times the pace was a bit slow but overall is was great fun.

So, my video pretty much explains my Christmas plans, there’s been lots of changing and rearranging but such is life sometimes! Enjoy.

With love,


2 thoughts on “Christmas Plans & Carols!

  1. Tim….just learned on Friday from your Mom that you are in France!!! Way to GO! I bet you are awesome with the students. What all are you doing over there? What are your long-ranged plans? Enjoy every minute of your time over there! Your holiday plans sound fabulous! I will love following your adventures on this blog. How fun to get a video too! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Mrs. Rucker!
      Thanks, I’m enjoying my students, well the middle schoolers at least. The high schoolers can make me super tired. Long ranged are to see how this year goes, head back to Seattle, and figure life out. Haha, I’m not 100% sure at the moment.
      Merry Christmas!

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