Sunshine really does fill the soul. Even when it isn’t the warmest, the sun just lifts you up, it has to. I loved the weather today! I didn’t have any classes but went into school to do some work for tomorrow and next week’s debate club.

OH! I didn’t mention, I LOVE being in charge of the debate club. The first meeting had around 20 people and they all were great. We had a good introduction to the club and I can’t wait to get back into this class again. I keep coming up with new ideas and ways to teach them and stuff, it’s so exciting.

Back to the sunshine. I went on an hour + to a new place I had never been. I just walked and ended up in a different little town that I had no idea even was there. It was cute and I ended up walking alongside the water way (also that I never knew existed). The leaves were all different colors, the air was crisp, and life was great. It was a real treat to have that walk today. I kept thinking to myself, “Enjoy the sun today, for tomorrow it rains.”

I do miss the middle school this week, the high school definitely doesn’t tickle my fancy as much, but that’s okay, it’ll be back soon.

When the sun is shining what’s the point in having a care in the world? Enjoy it.


One thought on “Sunshine!

  1. Thank you for reassuring your Mom that you did indeed know how to get back home. Glad you had such a nice sunshiny walk and discovered a new area.

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