Videos coming!

Ok so my lovely pieces of technology are giving me a minor headache at the moment (this headache brought to you by Microsoft). So I’ll start out with a written recap of what I’ve done so far and whether the things are worth the price:

1) Bus tours: yes they seem cheesy but they can come in handy. A 48 hour pass on ANY of the buses + another adventure has proved useful once again. Getting a bus with a live commentator is much better than recordings so always try to get one.

2) Grassmarket…. well there USED to be a market there, not it’s just restaurants and pubs. So… worth 5 minutes?

3) Edinburgh Castle: Lots of interesting things, the BEST are the war museum and the crown jewels. It would be nicer not to be 15.5 euros but it’s Edinburgh Castle and you kind of HAVE to go, even if just for the views.

4) Royal Mile “High Street”: touristy but not bad. Stop in at St. Giles church when you make the walk, it is beautiful inside.

5) Museum of Scotland: Parts are really fun, pay for the new exhibit or be cheap and walk around the free parts, either works.

6) Monument to Scott: Try NOT to see it, I dare you. It’s beautiful and fills the skyline for sure.

7) Boat tour: Part of the bus tour package, yes again, cheesy but kind of nice. Get out of the city for 3 hours, be on the river, hear more of the history and see the bridges. I’m sure it’s more pleasant in the summer but seeing the banks with autumn leaves was beautiful enough for me. Bring gloves, and a scarf, and a hat, and three coats. Burrr….

8) Holyrood Palace: A MUST. My favorite part of the city so far. Well worth the entrance fee of 11 euros. A well done audio tour and just a good strolling pace through this still active Royal Residence.

9) Calton Hill: Either walk up Princes street to it or ride the hop on hop off bus from the Palace. Either way it is beautiful. See the different monuments and take in ALL sides of Edinburgh. Arthur’s Seat is higher up but from here you have a beautiful view of the water, old town, new town, and parts of town you’d never know about otherwise.

10) Stumble into a pub and stumble out later: Honestly each night here has been a fun mix of free drinks (thanks locals!), funny conversations, and nice strolls back to my hostel (of course across town). Each night I’ve met some really nice folks who just want to chat your ear off and tell you how brave it is to be traveling alone.

11) Parliament: Eh… Funky looking building, “cute” exhibit in the foyer but still… eh.

Alright, more to come. I’ve still got to explore Princess Gardens more, see the Britannia, and hike Arthur’s Seat and more!


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