Dublin: The final video

I am sad to be posting my last Dublin video because that means I am about to be leaving. Tomorrow I leave for Edinburgh, which I am very excited for. But I do love this city a lot, I could easily see myself here long term (sorry France).

Today was simple and relaxing. My feet are officially on strike and the walk down the river did nothing to ease them. After I jumped onto the site seeing tour bus since it was raining heavily and I did not have other plans. I got off by Trinity college and decided to just relax in a coffee shop for awhile and people watch. I love me some people watching, especially with all of the attractive Irish people around.

Now I’m back at the hostel looking ahead to Scotland. I’ve got some plans to make and a list to draw up. Traveling is definitely not cheap, no matter how you do it but I still hope to enjoy Scotland to the fullest.

Also, side note, while it isn’t exactly right in the heart of the city, I do highly recommend the Dublin International Youth Hostel. It has been an excellent experience, nice people, great accommodations, and just all around pleasant.

Much love.


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