Dublin Doors

Dublin Doors

So you’ll notice whilst strolling through Dublin that many of the doors on the Georgian buildings are brightly painted. Curious, no? They really are all beautiful and add a pop of uniqueness and character to the otherwise similar buildings. Well, the tradition started “back in the day” when Ireland was still under British rule.

One of the Kings passed away (I don’t remember which, maybe one of the Georges). The people of Ireland were ordered to paint their doors black to show their mourning. Well being the spunky people that they are many Irish painted their doors alright… just not so much black. Reds, blues, greens, yellows, magentas, teals, and more can be seen all throughout the city. Yes, even some black ones can be found. But that is the supposed beginning of the paintings of the doors.


4 thoughts on “Dublin Doors

  1. Love the colorful doors, great photo. You didn’t mention food at all in your blog. What Irish food have you been trying out?

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