First weekend photos!

It won’t let me post an album on here so hopefully that link to my FB one works.


2 thoughts on “First weekend photos!

  1. Hi Tim, Grandma Dorothy here. Just went through your blog, didn’t have any sound on the pictures you were talking in. Grandpa Gordy and I just returned home yesterday after being gone two weeks. Going to take a few days to get rested up. We drove over 3,300 miles and went through eight states. Sure glad to be home. So glad to here you arrived safely and pray everything continues to go well for you. We will miss you but are happy for you to do what you have wanted to do for sometime. Your Mom came up yesterday to attend Tanner’s game and then stayed overnight with us. They beat Sehome 41 to 36 but it got a little hairy towards the end but Meridian held them off.

    Love you, Grandma and Grandpa

    1. Hi Grandma, Make sure to check that the speakers are on and that at the bottom of the video window the speaker icon doesn’t have an X by it. Glad you got back home safely and hopefully someone stepped up to take over your role!

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