Why hello there!

How’s it going? I assume if you’re reading this then you probably already know me (because why else would you be reading this?). Anyway, at the end of this month I will begin what promises to be a very exciting adventure. I will be teaching abroad in Caen, France. For those who don’t know, Caen is a large town/city in the northern part of France in the Normandy region. It is what we might call a “University town” but doubles as the capitol of the region. So see you later Seattle fall & winter I’m off to France where the weather is… oh crap, it’s almost the exact same.

Well stay tuned for what I’m sure will be tons of tall tales and made up adventures and I’m sure of that because even if they don’t happen I’ll make stuff up and put it on here anyway 🙂 Wish me luck and I’ll see you in 9 months or so!


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